Our goal at Prestige is to educate and empower students to become skilled and properly styled equestrians in the saddle, confident and educated horsemen/women on the ground; and ultimately producing capable and knowledgeable lifelong horse owners.

We pride ourselves in developing riders of all levels in the hunter/jumper sport by incorporating a foundation of basic Classical Dressage, and by challenging riders with a variety of flat and over fences lessons tailored to individual needs and goals.


    • $45
    • 45-60 minutes of instruction with our Trainer, Bess.
    • Packages available for Prestige boarded horses.
    • Trailer-in lessons available, please contact for further details.



  • $45
  • Training rides by our Trainer, Bess are tailored to your horse's needs and the Owner's goals.
  • Ideal for establishing a foundation for green horses, reinforcing new skills for the horse, or show preparation.